It takes a lot of energy and focus to succeed in the fast and furious world of marketing and public relations. That’s why Anna O’Donnell is a perfect fit for the Kinetic team and our clients.

In previous positions with AAA MountainWest, the state of Montana’s Office of Tourism, and the Montana Governor’s Office, she fostered relationships with individuals across the U.S and internationally, working through many dynamic situations to meet a variety of goals.

“The knowledge and skills I bring to Kinetic are effective communication, creativity and really listening – and my overall awesomeness at killing it at life,” she says.

Anna is experienced in public relations, communications, marketing and earned media, and is committed to “serving my clients and the stakeholders in my life the same way – listening, caring, and giving the best I can.”

She’s developed strengths and places high value in being an approachable team player and detail-oriented communicator and writer.

Her determination on the job parallels her passions away from work.

“Endurance sports and writing are my jam,” she says. “It’s where my soul feels fed.” She has completed several Ironman competitions to feed that spirit.

Anna joined our staff in March 2018 eager to “foster the relationship between the client’s needs and goals with the team at Kinetic.”

“I make sure my clients have a voice and their vision is attained at the highest level of output.”

Anna grew up in Billings and earned her bachelor’s degree in Political Science/Internal Relations at Carroll College in Helena. She went on to obtain a master’s degree in Public Relations from Montana State University Billings.

In the office and in the community, Anna loves to engage with those she meets.

“I always assume everyone is waiting to be my friend,” she says. “Let’s be friends!”

More about Anna:

  • She loves music, and does her best writing with earbuds in.
  • She danced for many years, and would join a hip hop crew if she could.
  • Favorite food? Pizza.
  • She claims three hidden talents:
  • Creating epic Spotify lists.
  • Consuming large amounts of Red Bull
  • Transforming into a super hero when she puts on a trucker hat (“I have so many… so so many.”)
  • Another career dream? To travel the world with her bike and write about the experience.
  • She’s ambidextrous.

She could never work in a nursing home. “I love old men – they are the cutest – and if they passed away, I would be sad all the time.”