Anne Holub’s colleagues at Walgreens, United Airlines and other companies admired her passion for words and knowledge of marketing across many formats, such as newsletters, social media, blogs, websites, email, and long- and short-form stories.

Since joining Kinetic in 2016 as a full-time writer, Anne is putting that passion to work for our clients, using her considerable experience to deliver engaging and effective content to meet their wide variety of objectives.

Anne developed her planning, writing and digital media skills as a senior web editor for and United Airlines, as well as with many digital marketing teams in Chicago over the past decade.

“I’ve often worked on teams that have many projects going at once, so I’m used to having to change focus throughout the day,” Anne says. “I love having different projects open and being able to change gears to get a fresh perspective on each project.”

She likes to collaborate with colleagues and clients on design and scope of projects, “talking through creative options to come up with the best concepts.”

She prides herself on her ability to see all points of view during a discussion.

“I love to talk about options or different directions. There might not be just one right answer!”


More about Anne:

Her true mission: Petting as many puppies as possible in her lifetime

She admits to three hidden talents:

  • Biscuit making
  • Near-encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture minutiae
  • Befriending animals easily (which is why she says she could never hold a job as a whaler, but would love to be a panda caretaker)

She likes college:

She graduated from the University of Virginia with a bachelor’s degree in English language and literature. At Hollins University, she earned a master’s in English and creative writing, and at the University of Montana she received a master of fine arts in creative writing.

Time for dessert?

Anne grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia, and developed a love of pie. She loves “pretty much any flavor of pie.”