From Mexico to Chicago to Billings, it’s been quite an adventurous life for Berenice Carranza Munson, who joined the Kinetic team in January 2018.

She counts herself lucky to have been born in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. When she was 5, her family moved to Chicago – “the best city ever” – where she grew up and earned a degree in Integrated Communications in Advertising from Roosevelt University.

During a youth trip to Australia, she met “a Montana man” from Billings. Their long-distance love affair led to marriage, and she moved to Billings in 2011.

Her multifaceted role as a Kinetic project manager connects her with many of our great clients and members of our strategic and creative team.

“At Kinetic, I’m one who makes sure things are moving forward, making sure projects are being completed on time, on point and on budget.”

Berenice was the education program coordinator at Yellowstone Art Museum before she joined Kinetic. She says the job “really helped me put some roots into Billings and Montana, really connecting me to my new home and this community, getting to build relationships and grow my strengths.”

“I love working as part of a team and enjoy learning new things daily,” she says. “Past experiences have definitely helped me adjust to change or curve balls.

A recent Strengths Finder assessment test confirmed what Berenice believed to be her strongest attributes, “and as soon as I saw them, I knew being a part of this team would fit them perfectly.”

  • “I am strategic, love problem-solving, finding new solutions and new ideas.”
  • “I am an activator. I don’t just like coming up with ideas, I need to see them acted on.”
  • “I’m a command, not afraid to share my opinion. In this industry, it’s definitely a positive if you can speak up with questions, thoughts and ideas.”
  • “I always look at the positive side of things. Being happy-go-lucky is so much more fun than a Debbie Downer.”
  • “I possess adaptability, I am able to adapt to various situations and just go with the flow when needed.”

More about Berenice:

  • She throws a football like a girl, “a girl who throws better than some boys.”
  • She once spoke three languages, “but now it’s more like two and some words.”
  • Of course, she loves Mexican cuisine, “but I can always be down for some delicious Chinese food!”
  • Her hubby is her best friend. “I love having date night be every night with him.”
  • Given a career redo, she probably would have become a graphic designer like her dad.
  • When she became a U.S. citizen in a 2014, she got a perfect score on the naturalization test.