After growing up in Billings, Dustan Nichols found inspiration for his career in Colorado, where he studied graphic and web design at the Art Institute of Colorado in Denver.

Sharpening his skills with a bustling freelance career after school, Dustan grew his branding roots at the Coalition for Sepsis Survival, where he created the group’s graphic standards manual as well as the group’s website, business collateral, business cards and more.

Dustan also worked in the print arena for the Denver Public Library, where he worked on-call in a fully functional print shop, which you can see today in their 26-branch system, as well as ads which appeared on the Denver light rail system, local parking garages and on social media.

But Dustan hasn’t only worked for non-profits. He’s also worked freelance design jobs for Colorado Fashion Week and The Business Garage in Bozeman, Montana, among other clients. He’s designed websites, run UX tests, and maximized email opt-ins to draw users to websites.

How does Dustan see his role at Kinetic? He’s here to help the team visually communicate ideas and experiences.

To that point, he sees his strengths as:

  • Developing branding that is clear, easy to understand, and will resonate with people.
  • Creating and testing UX interfaces that are easily navigable and digestible.
  • Taking complex design problems and turning them into sleek, successful solutions.


More about Dustan:

Plays it by ear: He taught himself how to play songs out on the piano, even though he doesn’t know how to read music, or what notes are which on the keyboard.

A born wilderness guide: Dustan’s dream job would be outdoors, spending summers climbing in Yosemite, and winters ice climbing in Hyalite Canyon in Montana. He loves to hike and has an incredible sense of direction, which oddly enough, was improved by living in Denver for many years and finding his way around the city.

Keeps it simple: If he has one meal to eat, it’s probably going to be cereal. Preferably Waffle Crisp.