Growing up on a cattle ranch along the Powder River in Broadus, MT, Jake learned the true value of hard work. He wasn’t going to get off the hook by doing things half way!

“I learned from a young age that you don’t get to leave until the job is finished. I still maintain that work ethic and will work on something for as long as it takes until I’m satisfied with the end result,” he says.

Jake took this strong work ethic to the University of Idaho where he completed his major in Studio Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design. Before joining Kinetic, his design skills were honed working on a project led by Washington State University which was funded by a $40 million grant from the USDA. Jake worked on laying out reports, managing the website, and creating infographics to help educate the general public about the process. He was able to narrow down minute details of a complex project in order to make a well-formed picture.

But he wasn’t always working sitting at a computer. Jake’s past jobs have ranged from laying out his school newspaper, to serving as a lineman for the Tongue River Electric Cooperative, doing construction, and even repairing irrigation lines.

“I’m not afraid to tackle anything or try a new approach to problem solving,” he says. “The worst thing that can happen is you fail, and you learn a ton in the process whether you fail or succeed.”

We love Jake’s attitude here at Kinetic. He’s a great addition to our design team in his skills including:

  • Ability to see the big picture
  • Attention to detail
  • Over preparedness
  • Unwillingness to give up
  • Resourcefulness


More about Jake:

Our own MacGyver: His desire is to use one tool for as many uses as he can. He even loves making his kids their own birthday presents for a personal touch.

A gold medalist (someday): “If there were an Olympics for herding a rank bull on a four-wheeler, I could medal,” he says.

A dirty job (he doesn’t want to do): While Jake has been employed as a grave digger, he’s opposed to emptying out porta-potties.

Vroom Vroom: Jake loves cars, and wanted to be a racecar driver when he grew up. Since he hasn’t been able to make that dream come true, he settles for restoring and modifying cars as a hobby, mostly BMWs. He says he rarely owns less than five cars at any give time…though only two of them might actually be drivable.