The creative skills of Josh Wirth have been on display around the nation (actually, the world) connecting his many clients to their customers with engaging designs and compelling messages.

His coast-to-coast career displays great range, from producing marketing materials for over 70 First Interstate Bank branches across our region, to designing packages for Warner Bros. to promote such global movie hits as “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

Today he is Kinetic’s creative director, developing campaigns and tailoring his designs to meet the unique needs of each client and each project at hand.

“I love everything about the creative process,” Josh says. “Compiling a set of components: fonts, illustrations, graphics, photography, copy, and then out of that you reach someone sitting in their living room and inspire them to take a trip or buy a product.”

“There is a connection that we have to the audience that is very powerful and I take that responsibility very seriously.”

At Kinetic, Josh works closely with our clients and account directors to develop marketing strategies to help companies meet their objectives. He brings a wealth of experience to the production of printed materials, website organization and design.

Josh joined Kinetic in 2015 and sets an exemplary example of how committed we are to delivering the best for our clients on projects large and small.

In addition to his exceptional marketing and design skills, Josh is a talented photographer, planner, editor and copywriter. He knows the production process inside and out, and gained invaluable knowledge in his years as the lead graphic designer for Alphagraphics, a Billings print shop.

“I have been on both sides of the table when it comes to developing a campaign. Working at a job where I was part of the internal marketing department taught me the value of ownership. I was designing for the company that I worked for so anything that I did needed to be very deliberate and thought out.”

“I have carried that feeling into the agency world, and with every client I try to act as if their projects are my own and their success equals my success.”

“All of the jobs I have held have added a small tool to my toolbox,” he says.  That toolbox is now overflowing, which benefits Kinetic and its clients in a big way.


More about Josh: 

Crayon time: Art and design have been a part of his life since he was a young child growing up in Gillette, Wyoming. His passion for coloring books grew into a wonderful career.

Scholarly pursuits: He studied at Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming, and the University of Florida in Gainesville.

Another talent: He loves to sing and hopes his raw talent will be recognized when Fox does its next reality show “where they surprise auditioners while they are singing in the shower.”

Screen shot: He’d like to be an actor, “not an unsuccessful one who spends most of his time as a waiter and occasionally goes for an audition but he’s so frazzled from his hectic life that he is always unprepared. More like Clooney.

Scary stories: He’s passionate about post-apocalyptic literature – and zombies