Kendra Fike’s skills have been tested in the hyper-competitive business world of Las Vegas, where achieving marketing success is not a game but a necessity.

Kendra now puts her results-driven commitment to clients to work for Kinetic, delivering outstanding strategies and creative execution as an account director.

“I’ve overseen large brands, including additional smaller brands that sit underneath, and been in charge of making very impactful decisions from strategy and planning to execution and reporting,” she says. “I understand the pressure, fast pace and individuality that needs to pertain to each client.”

Her goal at Kinetic is to help clients “succeed with marketing by standing with them through strategy to execution and providing professional input when necessary.”

Before joining Kinetic in 2016, Kendra directed the online and interactive marketing team at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, just off the Las Vegas Strip. She developed and maintained websites,  social media strategy and content management to increase sales and traffic. She also guided the digital marketing strategy for the 18 properties of Station Casinos.

After returning to Montana (she grew up in Sidney), she was marketing director at Olsen Ortho Studio and Meadow Lark Companies in Billings.

She enjoys the fast pace at Kinetic and has many skills that keep her clients moving forward.

“I do well under pressure; I’m honest; I’m passionate about decisions; I communicate well and am easy to communicate with.”

She’s putting those communication skills to good use persuading clients to tap into the power of digital marketing.

“Unfortunately, many of our clients seem to be behind a bit in the digital/online side of marketing,” she says. “With that being my favorite area and where much of my experience lies, I can provide that initial push and guidance to dive into the unknown.”


More about Kendra:

MSU grad: She studied Business Marketing, Cell Biology and Neuroscience at Montana State University in Bozeman.

Three hidden talents?

  • “I can fall asleep anywhere at anytime.”
  • “I sleep with my eyes open.”
  • “I am amazing at parallel parking.”

A favorite food: It’s a tie between nachos and macaroni and cheese.

Serious student: She has a black belt in taekwondo.

Canine career: “I had a dog-walking and pet-sitting business in college and had the time of my life. If I hadn’t found such an exciting and challenging career in marketing, I would be hanging out with animals.”