At Kinetic, we do great things for clients because we work so well as a team.

That’s why Kendra Porrello is such a great member of our staff.

She knows the success that a strong team can bring to any challenge – whether it is on the soccer pitch (she played at Adams State University in Alamosa, Colo.,) or in the world of marketing as Kinetic’s administrative assistant.

“I’ve always played team sports so I know the value of being part of a team,” she says. “No one’s role is exactly the same, but all are important.

“I know working together and communicating is crucial to have a positive outcome. I am great at assisting others, but I also know when to step up and lead.”

In her career, she’s been willing to learn new things and take ownership of the role she’s in. She sees herself as a “natural encourager,” which helped her in her job as a personal trainer.

“I loved encouraging my clients and helping them gain confidence in themselves by pointing out their improvements and the goals they have accomplished.”

She grew up in Bismarck, N.D., and later earned a B.A. in English with emphasis in communications and minored in business at Adams State.

Her work in sales at a health-food store and as a motel manager taught her “the value of customer service and how to manage multiple demands at the same time.”

At Kinetic, where she started in September 2017, she says her role is to “help everyone do their job to the best of their ability.”

“I serve the staff by taking care of the office stuff and anything else that is asked of me so that they can focus on the client.”

More about Kendra:

  • Aside from being a killer soccer player, her hidden talents include:
    • Making homemade caramel rolls from scratch
    • Crying on demand or whenever a Hallmark commercial comes on.
  • Her favorite foods? Pizza, tacos, red curry. But her “go-to after is always ice cream.”
  • Next dream job? “I’d go back to school and become a physical therapist.”
  • She wants to travel the U.S. in an Airstream camper.