Coordinating the production of more than 100 special sections a year for the largest newspaper in the region is a challenging assignment. Linsay Foley handled it confidently, quietly and consistently for more than five years at The Billings Gazette.

She now focuses her exceptional organizational and communication skills to help her clients and teammates at Kinetic.

She is a project manager for many of our most dynamic customers. They appreciate her considerable experience with the wide variety of important marketing and communication projects on their calendars. Her Kinetic colleagues appreciate her attention to detail and ability to juggle many tasks to successful outcomes.

“I have strong experience managing projects and meeting deadlines,” Linsay says. “I’m super organized, and I’m willing and always excited to learn new things.”

She thrives in the challenging, fast-paced world of Kinetic, working with “awesome clients and a great team.”

More from Linsay:

Three hidden talents:

  • I can play the piano.
  • I pick up on choreography like no one else. (Probably all those years of dance)
  • Cupcake baker.

Favorite food: I’m pretty sure I could have Chinese food for dinner every night and not get sick of it.

Next dream job:  I’d like to travel in the U.S. and abroad. I haven’t traveled much in my 30 years and would love to explore the world.

Never-ever job: Skydiving instructor.

Passions: I absolutely love to cook, bake, draw and read. I also have a penchant for perfectly manicured nails and nail polish. And puppies. And Gilmore Girls.