Given her experience in retail, banking, management and the nonprofit world, Morgan Ditto brings a wealth of real-world business knowledge to her strategic role as an account director at Kinetic.

“I have built my career on a variety of customer-service based and client-focused positions over the past 15 years,” Morgan says. “Every day, I’m excited to bring my experience in marketing and public relations to the table for Kinetic’s clients.”

Before Morgan joined us in 2015, she worked with many types of individuals and businesses, gaining skills that help her customize projects to meet the specific needs of her clients.

“I’m here to help our customers come up with clear direction for their company’s needs, then help them develop a strategy to meet those needs,” she says. “I’m a positive, goal-oriented person, and I want to help others get excited about their future and the opportunities that are there for the taking.”

She works with clients to develop branding and marketing campaigns and visual products that support the vision and long-term goals of their businesses.

“We want them to be top performers in their industry,” she says. “I have a passion for their success, and an ability to not only listen but hear what they hope to achieve when partnering with us. I like to think outside the box with the Kinetic team to create one-of-a-kind products for them.”

In coming to Kinetic, Morgan traded one “invigorating challenge” for another. That’s how she describes her move from her executive director position at the Yellowstone AIDS Project.

“I loved being able to inspire others by setting the example for change in the community and the lives of those I care about.”


More about Morgan:

Cajun at heart:  She was born in New Iberia, Louisiana, and raised in Billings. She considers herself a southerner.

Zero chance: Math was her favorite subject before college, so she thought accounting was the natural career choice. But after one year of study, “I realized my extrovert-type personality wouldn’t be happy unless I was working with customers and community members.”

Three hidden talents?

  • “I can cut a perfectly straight line with a pair of scissors on a blank sheet of paper. “
  • “I can speak in front of hundreds of people, outlined or off the cuff, without an ounce of nervousness, but my kryptonite is karaoke (I force myself to do it to overcome fear).”
  • “Pictionary. You definitely want me to be on your team. Not because I’m artistic, but I’m a really good visual communicator, and really, really good guesser.”

Let’s travel: If not working at Kinetic, she’d like to be traveling the U.S. and the world, visiting the pyramids and enjoying wine in New Zealand. She’d like to work with less fortunate communities, especially those affected by HIV.