If Pierce Heska-McJannet weren’t growing business for Kinetic clients, he might be out growing corn or some other crop.

We’re happy his chosen field brought him to KMC as our digital specialist, not somewhere else as a farmer. He’s putting his considerable expertise in marketing automation, SEO, demand generation and other professional marketing skills to work for our customers.

I’m here to help KMC better execute complex and automated campaigns for clients and show the results and impacts of those campaigns,” he said. “We want to provide the client with specific and actionable data that will help them and us create better campaigns.”

Pierce grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan, and earned his degree in Business Marketing at the University of Oregon in Eugene.

In his career as a growth marketing specialist before joining Kinetic, he has been responsible for many processes, including marketing automation, internal and inbound marketing, SEO, PPC, keyword audits, social media marketing and demand generation.

“My main role has been to increase customer engagement on a number of marketing platforms,” he says. “We create and execute on campaigns within marketing automation tools and optimize those campaigns based off of data collected.”

He says previous positions have provided the strong foundation he has for marketing automation and inbound marketing strategy.

“Knowing the importance of making data-based decisions has helped me to better understand how marketing campaign are performing, how to optimize them to meet a goal and how to attribute ROI to marketing efforts.”

He says his special strengths will pay dividends for KMC’s clients:

  • “I am a data-driven marketer – every decision should be and will be based off of data. I will be able to provide the reasons for decisions made and the goal of those decisions.”
  • “I have a solid understanding of inbound marketing strategy along with the skillset to perform execution on those strategies.”
  • “I am a well-rounded marketer – specializing in a number of inbound marketing and demand-generation tactics.”
  • “I’m a team player; I enjoy collaboration and working with a team.”
  • “I’m always learning – with technology always changing it is important to always be learning and honing your craft – keeping up with industry trends, new tools, Google algorithms, etc.”

More about Pierce:

  • If not immersed in his exciting marketing career, he’d rather be farming.
  • He claims three hidden talents:
  • Juggling
  • Gardening
  • Photography
  • Steak is his hands-down favorite food
  • Fishing is his true passion.
  • He wouldn’t ever be a pilot – not a fan of heights or small spaces.

He says he has “a pretty green thumb and I’m not too bad in the kitchen!”