Samantha Doane’s client list has included Billings Clinic, Montana State University Billings and the American Diabetes Association. She’s performed SWOT analysis, rebranding and social media campaigns.

And that was before she graduated from college.

Samantha joined Kinetic as a marketing coordinator in 2016 after earning her bachelor of science degree in Business Administration and Marketing. She hit the ground running to work with Kinetic’s account directors, account planners and creative team to develop strategies and execute projects for our clients.

Her knowledge of strategy, social media applications, graphic design and industry research is paying dividends for clients in helping them meet their objectives.

“My passion is marketing,” she says. “I was really lucky to find something I love to make my career. My strategic marketing mind never turns off. Whether I’m watching a brilliant commercial or see a great creative pamphlet, I’m constantly in awe of marketing and the power it has.

“I don’t think I’ve ever solidly invested as much time and energy into anything as much as I’ve invested into becoming a great, successful marketer. I know I still have a long way to go, but working at Kinetic is a really great start.”


More from Samantha: 

  • Once a babysitter extraordinaire, she can get a baby to fall asleep almost every time with a lullaby.
  • “I am good at any sport I try. It may take me a little bit to get in the groove but eventually I’m good at it. It’s either my competitive spirit or the Canadian in me.”
  • If she weren’t in marketing, she would like to own her own store – most likely a little gourmet sandwich shop featuring pastries, too.
  • She has no favorite food. “That’s like picking the favorite child. All good food is wonderful.”