When you bring us into your business, you’re placing your trust, your customers and your bottom line into our hands. That’s why the Kinetic strategic team gets to know you, what you do, who your customers are, your challenges and your successes. Only then can you get the best marketing plan for your company and great ideas to move it forward.

Our strategic marketing services include:

  • Strategic Marketing Planning
    Our clients trust us to create marketing plans that are strategically sound, meet their budgets and include new ideas. As part of our planning, we establish a regular review process to ensure the strategic plan is being followed, make any adjustments and review results.
  • Public Relations
    When your company introduces a new product, expands its service lines, undergoes a crisis situation or otherwise needs to get a message out to a specific audience, we will utilize traditional media (print, TV, radio) and digital channels (online media) to ensure it reaches its target market.
  • Internal Marketing Strategy Development
    Your employees are on the front line of your marketing efforts.  We work with you to develop a communications plan that will keep your employees informed, build team morale and ensure everything they do is consistent with your company’s brand and philosophy. We then put that plan into action.
  • Media Analysis, Planning and Buying
    Online or offline, using the right media for your message is key to successful marketing efforts. We obtain pricing and create a plan that meets your budget and goals.

Our experienced strategic team is also tasked with managing each project we complete for you. We monitor deadlines, convey information and ensure that marketing pieces are consistent with your brand and marketing goals.

To find out how our strategic services can benefit your marketing efforts, contact Kinetic Creative Communications & Marketing today.


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