When kids with cancer need help, KOA Care Camps is there for them. When KOA Care Camps needed marketing expertise, they turned to Kinetic.

The KOA Care Camps Trust was created in 1984 with a single purpose: to help kids diagnosed with cancer attend specialized summer camps at no cost to their family. The first year, $7,100 was raised by KOA owners. By 2013, the organization was receiving nearly a half a million dollars a year in donations and helping to support 52 cancer camps across North America. With funding by other cancer organizations declining, however, they knew they needed to find a way to expand their message and drive additional fundraising.


While the organization’s website provided basic information about the KOA Care Camps Trust and included an interactive map highlighting the supported cancer camps, it was in need of a new look and improved functionality.  The site was redesigned and programmed to incorporate both responsive design and user-intuitive navigation. SEO-rich content, including meta descriptions and titles, was also incorporated into the new site.

Work Completed: Site design/UX planning, graphic design, content creation, SEO, project management, site monitoring and analysis, blog content development.


When it comes to telling a story about children who have been diagnosed with cancer, there is no better way than to allow the kidsto share their own stories. Working with representatives from KOA Care Camps and Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA), Kinetic created a powerful video featuring children currently attending these specialized summer camps. The video, introduced at the KOA National Convention, is being utilized as a marketing tool, promoting the KOA Care Camps cause online as well as at KOA campgrounds across North America.

Work Completed: Video planning, location scouting, on-camera interviews, editing, graphic design, music selection

Annual Report

One of the most powerful marketing tools for any non-profit can be its annual report. Many such reports contain only an overall review, statistical information, accounting tables and a cursory nod to donors. Given the nature of the KOA Care Camps mission, however, Kinetic opted to take a different approach. The 2013 Annual Report echoed the warm and inviting messaging of the new KOA Care Camps website. Photo-rich and flooded with color, it tells the story of this unique organization and, more importantly, the amazing camps and children being served.

Work Completed: Graphic design, writing, project management, print management