Results: Through FY2010, sales volume for Loenbro doubled. The following year (through FY2011), volume was up 400 percent. Exponential growth has continued, with additional expansions planned throughout 2014.

Creating a brand image as strong as steel earned this pipeline company a lot of attention…and an Addy award

Founded by brothers Paul and Jon Leach in Great Falls, Montana in the late-1990’s, Lo-N-Bro Enterprises was a small company looking to grow. Initially offering refinery welding services, the company had, within a decade, significantly expanded its capabilities. Their people and their work were exceptional. Their brand image, however, didn’t reflect who the company was or where it was headed.

When we first met with the company in 2009, two main goals were established:

  1. Increase project work by moving beyond project managers in the field to reach the decision makers in the C-suite
  2. Continue to attract and retain qualified workers in the competitive environment found in the Bakken.

Brand Discovery

One of the most difficult questions a growing company must answer is this: what is our authentic, unchanging brand? To answer that question, we met with the Leach brothers and their team to evaluate their history, find specific evidences of those things which set them apart from their competition and their aspirations for the future.

Once the discovery process was complete, the Kinetic branding team crafted statements defining the brand and forming its foundation. It also gave rise to the company’s descriptor “Comprehensive Pipeline Solutions” as well as its first brand message: Forging Ahead.

Brand Identity

While the spelling of the Lo-N-Bro name had a great back story, it was difficult to spell and hard to find online. Thus, the decision was made to change its spelling to “Loenbro”. A sleek, more substantive logo was then created using shades of grey—mimicking the metal with which the company so often works. A supportive color palette of black, blue, olive and orange was also selected.


New Website

Kinetic did more than creating a new look for the existing Loenbro website—we streamlined its navigation, expanded content and improved its search engine optimization. This allowed the site to go from being merely an online brochure to a sales tool, recruiting portal and educational component.

Print Collateral

The Loenbro team needed printed pieces that would help tell their story. In addition to a sales piece that shared the breadth of their services, we designed a folder that could be adapted to accommodate a variety of uses, a packet for new employees and new project bid documents.

Print Ads

Getting noticed in publications full of other industrial companies is a challenge, but we brought attention to Loenbro by creating unusual, compelling ads that cut through the clutter.


One of the most effective ways for a company to tell who they are, what sets them apart and why someone should work for them is through. Kinetic worked with Loenbro to create videos that shared their history and company culture by the people who know it best.

Internal Communications

As Loenbro has grown, the need to communicate with employees hundreds of miles away has become critical. Redesigning and renaming the Loenbro newsletter, then working with them to develop content, provides an ideal way for owners to touch base with every Loenbro team member at least once a month.