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August 27th, 2019 2 minute read

Building Relationships Can Drive Success

Isn’t it all about relationships? Husbands and wives. Kids and parents. Bosses and employees. Republicans and Democrats (Well, let’s not get carried away). Companies and their marketing agencies.

Let’s talk about the last one. At Kinetic, our team works hard to deliver quality work and meet or exceed the high expectations of every client, whether they’re a longtime partner or brand-new customer. But it doesn’t stop there. We work just as hard to form valued relationships with our clients.

More than anything, relationships build trust. And we want our clients to trust us to help develop the strategies, tools and materials that will strengthen their organization. Whether you run an energy company, grocery store, mechanic shop, school district, nonprofit group or car dealership, you want to trust the agency that you’ve partnered with.

You need to understand your client’s business. What are the opportunities? The processes? The challenges that could become pain points? In turn, your client should know how you do business, your expectations and work rhythms.

Good relationships lead to good results. We believe in strong, transparent and frequent communications with clients to keep projects on track and eliminate surprises of the bad kind. When there are sensitive issues that need to be discussed frankly, we can respectfully talk about them to arrive at a solution acceptable to all parties.

We practice what we preach. We have a yearslong and rich relationship with Interstate Companies, a regional transportation conglomerate headquartered in Minneapolis that has trucking, power generation and manufacturing facilities in 13 states stretching from the Rockies to the Great Lakes. We’ve learned a lot about their business and, in turn, they know how we like to operate.

To recognize the 50th birthday of Interstate CEO Travis Penrod, members of our Interstate team traveled to Minneapolis to attend a special birthday celebration where dozens of Travis’ colleagues and friends gathered. Given our long relationship (and having the inside scoop on the party) we just had to be there. Dana Pulis, Kinetic’s Owner/Principal, led our contingent of six. It was a wonderful, festive event. We appreciate Travis’ trust in us, our partnership and his friendship.