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September 13th, 2023

For Kinetic, Back to School Means Back to Work!

Rob Seas Content Strategist/Copywriter

“Back to School” season is an exciting time for families with school-aged kids and marketers alike! While Kinetic Marketing & Creative doesn’t currently work directly on any retail back-to-school campaigns, it’s an important time of year for us and one of our most important clients, Billings Public Schools (BPS).

Long before the summer solstice, we’re hard at work helping BPS plan effectively for the start of school. Each year, we work with the school district to develop messaging for new and returning students and their parents. We build social media calendars and content, outline new programs, provide updates on existing programs, plan and shoot videos and more to ensure the school year starts off right!

Community campaign Community Introduction

This back-to-school season, Kinetic and BPS were proud to launch a new website centered around the district’s “Future Ready” career counseling and placement program. But before the new website was unveiled, we first worked closely with the school district to promote the program, which aims to inspire and educate future generations of students.

The school district wanted to showcase Future Ready opportunities to a wider audience and engage community support for the program. We organized and hosted two premiere events at The Pub Station and historic Babcock Theatre in Billings. To ensure success, we developed a strategic plan to create marketing collateral, including posters, flyers and social media posts, to promote the events and generate community buzz.

Additionally, Kinetic collaborated with the client to develop an engaging program for the events. We designed a presentation that highlighted the benefits of the Future Ready program and showcased the nine Future Ready videos.

Brand assets for campaignsThe premiere events were highly successful, with good turnouts, great support and wonderful engagement from the community. Attendees and community partners provided positive feedback, generating significant buzz around the Future Ready program.

The events played a critical role in successfully unveiling the new name and spreading awareness of Future Ready opportunities, effectively promoting them to a wider audience and community while inspiring and educating future generations of students.

Just in Time for Back to School

Once the community was primed to receive additional information about the program, the district launched the new website featuring drill downs on each of the Future Ready career paths and showcasing the nine videos we produced.

Work on the new website had been ongoing for months with the aim of creating a modern, informative website for the program. We started by identifying the key features and functionalities needed and then developed the design and architecture. We also ensured that the website reflected the new brand elements and logos and conveyed the right tone and tenor.

Video campaign

Additionally, we focused on incorporating UX principles to make the website easy to use and navigate. Best practices for site architecture, menu structure and calls to action were implemented to ensure that visitors could find the information they needed quickly and easily. To help the website rank higher in search engine results, we incorporated SEO best practices into the website’s design and content.

The new Future Ready website offers students, parents and the community an engaging platform to learn more about the program and all available pathways. It’s a breeze to navigate and puts a spotlight on the new brand elements and logos. The UX principles incorporated into the design make it intuitive to navigate and the SEO best practices have pushed the site up for a top search engine ranking.

The website is an incredibly valuable resource for those seeking information about Future Ready and will continue to generate significant interest and support. Overall, Kinetic played a critical role in the success of the Future Ready program by building a modern, informative website that reflects the new brand elements, conveys the right tone and tenor and offers a wealth of information to the target audience.

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Rob Seas

Content Strategist/Copywriter

It all began with a father-son fly-fishing trip at 16 years old, and Rob was hooked on Montana. Growing up in Annapolis, Maryland, it took a little while for him to make his way here for good. But in the meantime, he graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Magazine Journalism, held a variety of editorial positions across the country and worked as a freelance web developer for companies large and small, ranging from startups to international corporations like Visa, The Nature Conservancy, and Levi Strauss & Co.

He still loves to fish – and hunt, work magic in the kitchen… and he’s an artist. All of this experience, worldliness and creativity means that Rob is an incredible Kinetic talent and invaluable asset to the team and our clients.

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