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January 28th, 2022

Fun Apps to Create Beautiful Social Media Content

Josh Wirth Creative Director

Creating social media content can be overwhelming. A quick search for image editors on the app store will result in thousands of apps (all of which do mostly the same thing).

Once you stop the endless scroll and finally choose an app, working with it can be a pain – too many options, it requires a subscription for the good stuff, or it just turns out to be buggy and you spend more time restarting it than you do working in it.

This was supposed to be fun, right?

Fear not, we have compiled a list of our favorite apps as well as some tips for streamlining content creation and ensuring that you have a consistent look for your brand.

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Photo Editing Apps


Snapseed – One of the most popular photo-editing apps right now, Snapseed by Google is incredibly intuitive. Snapseed has all of the basic color-editing tools that you are probably already used to (brightness, contrast, saturation), but the real fun lies in the tools.

Use the portrait tool to make shots of your team really stand out, remove unwanted objects, select from hundreds of presets to improve your photo and so much more – all in a few easy touches.

From basic edits to significant changes, Snapseed has the capabilities to meet your needs, whether you are just starting out or a seasoned editor.

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VSCO – VSCO is more focused on filters but is also a very powerful color-correction tool. VSCO offers many free presets (and other free filters are offered all the time). You can buy filters through the app that range from $0.99 – $3.99. If you find one you love, that is very small price to pay. You can also subscribe for $19.99 a year for access to the entire library.

One of the great things about VSCO is that you can create and save your own color recipes so you don’t have to memorize your color settings.

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Your phone’s image editor – If you are a minimalist and don’t want a bunch of apps junking up your phone, take advantage of the tools that are built right into your camera app.

No matter which app you choose, be sure to keep a few things in mind:

Don’t over filter!
Getting really aggressive with those filters is a rookie mistake. A light touch goes a long way in enhancing your photograph.

Pick a style and stick with it.
It’s best to find one filter or style that you love and make it your go-to. If you have a consistent look, you will begin to set an expectation with your viewers and will become instantly recognizable as they scroll through their feed.


Design Apps


CanvaSometimes a photo isn’t all you need. Enter Canva. Create custom images with photos, text, and graphics to grab your user’s attention. With built-in templates for most social media platforms, Canva takes the guesswork out of building your image to the correct size.  It has hundreds of templates to get you started and the flexibility to let you find your style.

There are several other apps that you can use for layout, but Canva has it all. So save yourself the searching and just use it. You’re welcome!

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Unsolicited design advice – Pick a font, color palette, and a few templates that you can use repeatedly. For example, build a template for promotions, inspirational quotes, etc. whatever you foresee posting a lot of, try to make a template for it.

Consistency is key. Consistency builds expectations, expectations build trust, and trust builds stronger relationships with your audience.


Stock Photography Apps*


Pexels – Last but not least, if you don’t have photographs of your own, check out the Pexels app. There are hundreds of thousands of photos available for you to use at absolutely no cost to you. You don’t even have to give anyone credit.

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****Huge asterisk here… If you can use your own photography, that is Always better — with a capital A. If you don’t have photography for your business, give us a call, we’re pretty good at it. On that note, if you find the wormhole of social media marketing a bit overwhelming, let us give you a hand. We are here to help!

Now that you have all of these amazing tools at your disposal, go forth and create!


This post was originally published October 30, 2018 and has been updated for relevancy.

Josh Wirth

Creative Director

Josh has been working on creative solutions since he was old enough to pick up a crayon. He’s a lover of all things creative. When Josh isn’t at the Kinetic office you can usually find him sketching on his iPad or hidden behind a camera (usually with his trusty dog in tow.)


During his time at Kinetic, Josh has executed multiple photo and video shoots, designed numerous brands and websites, and has been involved in award-winning creative.

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