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August 31st, 2018

Great Digital Content is Just a Start

To drive traffic to your site, build relationships and, ultimately, boost sales, you need a content marketing strategy. Here are five tips from Pierce Heska-McJannet, Kinetic’s digital specialist:

CONTENT – Your content should help your audience answer a question or solve a problem. It must educate or entertain – and be updated frequently. How can you deliver?

  • Create a blog to inform visitors old and new. Show them what you know.
  • Provide long-form content full of valuable info (e-books, guides, etc.).
  • Compile case studies and testimonials that build trust.


SEO – You can’t grow your business if no one can find you. Strong SEO ensures that Google web-crawlers can index your content for searchers. Think keywords, web design, code, links and other key optimizers.


EMAIL – Send valuable content to readers and earn their loyalty and build a relationship. Don’t just advertise your services. Provide exceptional info.


SOCIAL MEDIA – Who are you trying to reach? Where will you find them?

On Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram? Target your audience on the platforms where they live.


DATA — Measure your content connectivity. Maybe you have a great content plan, but if it doesn’t resonate with your audience, it won’t move the dial. You’ve got to develop metrics to measure the value of your content, such as brand awareness, engagement and conversions.


BONUS TIP: PATIENCE – Everything takes time. Follow the five steps above and eventually you’ll boost your results.


Questions? Contact Pierce at pierce@kineticmc.com