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March 3rd, 2020 6 minute read

It Is Time to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

I would like to formally welcome you to the second installment of Kinetic’s social-media marketing series, in which every newsletter will provide you with actionable tasks to boost your social-media marketing. If you missed the last article on LinkedIn, you can check it out here!


This edition, if you haven’t guessed it already, is going to be focused on 2020 trends for Facebook. Love it or hate it, Facebook is necessary for a complete digital portfolio.


Let’s dive in.


To get started marketing on Facebook, you will need a business page. You can create one here.

Note: you will need to be logged into your personal account to complete this task.


Once you have your page created, it is time to optimize! Complete all necessary prompts and complete all fields.

  • Add brand images
  • Complete page info
  • Description
  • Contact information
  • Additional fields (hours, price range, etc.)
  • Create your Facebook username – vanity URL
  • Add call-to-action button
  • Review your settings – privacy is always important!


With that task completed, it is time to post… but where to start? There are a number of different types of posts that can be done – from text to polls and everything in between.


Types of Facebook Posts


  • Direct people to your website
  • Update your audience on any happenings
  • Share information
  • Ask a question


  • Best used to build awareness
  • Great for engagement
  • Show off you products
  • Don’t be afraid of stock photos



  • Be cautious of length, use your time wisely
  • Great way to show off your product offerings
  • Video = engagement
  • Make your videos shareable


Live Video 

  • Behind the scenes
  • Show off your personality
  • A great option for announcements
  • It is live, so be able to think on your toes!


Linked Content

  • Great for sharing website content or promotions
  • Tell your readers why they should click through
  • Don’t be afraid to share other’s content
  • Typically get less engagement than photos or videos but more than text posts



  • Another excellent way to keep your audience engaged
  • Helps build brand awareness
  • Keeps your social profile fresh and fun
  • Can be used as a data-gathering activity



  • Short and temporary photos and videos
  • Most viewership on Facebook
  • Connect with your fans in a quick and easy format
  • Immune to the Facebook algorithm, this could be good or bad



  • A post you are able to pin to the top of your Facebook page
  • Share important news
  • Showcase great content
  • Increase awareness for a current campaign


What type of post is going to work best for you? There are a number of variables that come into play when choosing your post type, most importantly audience and content.


You want to make sure that the post you decide on is going to be the best option for your goals. Don’t be afraid to try multiple types of posts to better understand what engages your audience.


Social Listening

Facebook has a great tool called social listening that can help learn about your audience. These tools allow you to take a step back and look at your strategy from a high level.


Facebook social listening takes all of the information that is provided on the platform and identifies any trends within the data allowing data-based decision making on your marketing strategy.


With all things in marketing, it is important to have a goal and develop a clear path to that goal. This is the same with Facebook Listening. Know why you are looking through this data rather than looking through the data because you are “supposed to.” If you need data for a social-ad campaign or are looking for information on target audience, this is the place to find it.

2020 Trends

Advertising Costs are Going Up 
Social platforms are now beginning to leverage their power. Knowing that their advertising channels are driving traffic for businesses, they are starting to make us pay for it. Although most social platforms are still reasonably priced, it is hard to ignore the upward trend. CPM on Facebook has increased nearly 90% year-over-year for marketers.


If you are thinking about adding Facebook advertising to your marketing efforts, now is the time. Set a foundation with your audience and develop brand awareness while it is still affordable. Your money this year may only go half as far next year.


Artificial Intelligence is Taking Over 
This is generally a good thing for marketers. Facebook has recently been investing a lot in its AI platform with the hopes of increasing ROI on ad spend. This causes us to spend more because we are seeing a higher return. Win-win, right? Maybe not… yet anyway. AI is still in its infancy on Facebook and has a way to go before it is perfect. That being said, it is certainly worth a try to see if it works for your audience.


Mobile. Mobile. Mobile. 
This seems to be the never-ending topic and something that we address daily here at Kinetic. Mobile is the place to be. Ensuring that your campaigns are optimized for mobile-first will set you apart from the competition – for now.


Mobile is not a new player to the game but its adoption rate does not reflect this. Over 90% of Facebook ad revenue comes from mobile. That should be enough right there. People aren’t browsing the clunky desktop version anymore; pocket supercomputers a.k.a. phones are the main platform used in 2020.


Facebook Stories 
Snapchat, Tiktok, Instagram stories – short content is not a trend. Companies are investing millions into this type of content. And you should be, too. Fifty million people tune into Facebook stories every day! If you aren’t utilizing these stories, you are doing yourself a disservice!


Want Engagement? Think Video.
Video is no longer a nice thing to have on your profile. It is a MUST HAVE. Engagement, ROI and branding all increase when videos are used on social media. According to Facebook’s recent study of 777 million posts, videos received 59% more engagement than any other post. Video is also much more personal than the average text post. It instills a greater sense of trust in the audience and increases authenticity. It also gives the chance to establish differentiators between you and your competition as the opportunities to show your unique value proposition are far more possible to demonstrate/show in a video than an image. Therefore, making video a cornerstone of your social media strategy is imperative.


Facebook Marketing Strategy 

Now that we have a general understanding of the platform and how to utilize it, let’s begin with creating a social media marketing strategy.


Whenever beginning any initiative, you must have your end game mapped out. What is the ultimate goal? Driving traffic to your website? Community awareness? Newsletter signups? Product purchases? A clear and specific goal will help drive the rest of your marketing strategy.


Facebook advertising is incredibly user-friendly. It also allows for great audience segmentation. Using current prospect demographics, you can develop a persona. Then use Facebook’s segmenting tools to target your audience with laser-point accuracy.


Once you have your goal and audience in mind, you can develop the content of your ad. The copy and creative must be appealing, dynamic and offer solutions to your audience’s pain-points. Ask a question, offer a solution and deliver on that promise whether it be a product or a landing page on your website that has been optimized to fit the ad content. A person’s newsfeed is inundated with pictures, ads and posts. To stand out, you must offer a creative that is eye-catching and informative.


Instagram! Coming soon!


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at pierce@kineticmc.com.