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June 4th, 2019

Kinetic Owner “Clears the Deck for Success”

Many clients, colleagues, friends and family members wonder how she does it.

How does the owner/principal of a growing communications agency, the mother of three energetic boys, wife to an entrepreneurial husband, a culinary expert who prepares daily meals, a we-must-go-camping outdoorswoman and much more find time to do it all?

There’s certainly an audience out there that would love to learn more about Dana Pulis, who founded Kinetic Marketing & Creative 12 years ago. A podcast was a natural way to connect them.

With an invitation from Sara Hughes-Zabawa and Andrea Catherine, co-hosts of the Fearless Self-Love Podcast, Dana recently recorded her first podcast. The co-hosts also are business partners in the Fearless Self-Love Retreats in which Dana has participated.

In her episode with Andrea and Sara, titled “Clear the Deck and Be You,” Dana provides an overview of how she stays grounded and connected in a life where she has so many roles – owner, leader, manager, consultant, strategist, writer, mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister and more.

“This is primarily a “How to be calm in a crazy career” podcast,” she says. The full Season 3, Episode 8 podcast is here. It’s well worth a listen.

In it Dana describes her morning rituals, creating time for meditation, reading, and nutrition, setting herself up for success every single day. She touches on her childhood and learning to take care of herself (“I developed muscle of self-reliance”), and how writing at an early age instilled a “commitment to words, written or spoken.”

Here are some snippets from the podcast:

  • “Nurture yourself, fill your brain with good things. Learn on a daily basis how to navigate through every place where there is conflict and contrast.”
  • “Clear the deck: rage if you need to rage, let fear fly if it needs to fly. Whatever that emotion is, give it the place and the space and honor it.”
  • “It’s just another day in this amazing paradise.”
  • “A person who makes a mistake also does great things.”
  • “If we do these things long enough, they flow through us and we are one with what we do every day.”
  • “I don’t believe I can be harmed anymore in most respects because I learned to carry with me my own safety and my own peace.”
  • “I brought my whole person into my company.”
  • “This is not a place where you leave your soul at the door.”
  • “At Kinetic, we work with people we want to be around. Everyone who walks in that door walks out a better person. That’s our intention.”


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