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August 24th, 2018

Let Data Guide Your Digital Strategies

Don’t guess. Put data to work to measure the effectiveness of your digital advertising campaigns.


Who is visiting your site? For how long? Do they return? How do they behave?


Keep records. What worked in past campaigns? Are current efforts working?


We partner with many clients to create and measure effective digital campaigns. Recreational Adventures Co., one of our longtime clients, was in the middle of a recent multiple-month campaign for several of its KOA campgrounds.


After a tweak to its digital advertising triggered a 66% jump in clicks, we identified the top performing audiences and channels, and optimized toward them, which yielded even more traffic and bookings.


There are other keys to success. Present a consistent look and feel across all your touchpoints. Don’t confuse customers by delivering with wildly different brand experiences. Send a unified message to customers, no matter how they find you – via social media, email, Google search or other channels.


Be aware of what is being said all around you and about you on social media. What topics are dominating the space? Can you provide content to educate or inspire those in the conversation?  Identify high volume keywords that will connect with their searches.


Once you reach them, deliver the goods. Your content has to meet their needs. Win their trust. capture their email, and send them customized content to win a sale.


But it all comes back to data. Study it. Test it. Let it guide your actions.