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January 10th, 2023

LinkedIn 2023: Changing the Game? Enter the Chickens

Dana Pulis Owner and Principal

LinkedIn boasted “record levels of engagement” throughout 2022, though they aren’t super transparent about how their algorithm quantifies “engagement” for themselves. And in a pitch to broaden its reach, LinkedIn has put quite a lot of marketing dollars into messaging the platform as a tool for both professional and personal posts and updates. This has a lot of users wondering if LinkedIn is straying too far from its core mission as The Professional Social Network™.

I’m just waiting to see how long it takes for the memes to make their way onto my feed.

LinkedIn has been incredible for me and Kinetic in 2022 when we switched up the strategy. In the last quarter of 2022, we saw eight people connect for a first time meeting. We use it like everyone else and post our brilliant thinking and good insights.

But this next week, watch for something new from Kinetic: my chickens. As long as LinkedIn is getting personal, so am I. We at Kinetic are embracing the change and bringing our own twist to the mix. Next week, I’ll be posting pictures of my beloved chickens (that’s right, I have chickens, and bees, but that’s for another day) and testing out the engagement on our network. If you’re a fan of fowl or just want to see something new on LinkedIn, be sure to follow us and stay tuned for updates.

Whether or not LinkedIn continues down the path of more personal content, we can be sure they want to keep growing, providing more analytic insights and elevating the product overall. Here are three areas where we anticipate major growth for LinkedIn in 2023: 

LinkedIn Learning: LinkedIn is the largest platform for professional and career data ever developed and we anticipate a hefty amount of investment being made in 2023 toward LinkedIn Learning tools. This is mission critical for marketing and HR departments to heed when developing their recruitment campaigns for the year.

Video and Audio Expansion: Like all social platforms, LinkedIn reports a large uptick in users engaging with video content — call it the TikTok halo effect. We expect LinkedIn to add in more video tools, expanding on its existing intro video and video chat features. This could look like better event features, or maybe video meeting opportunities — the perfect opportunity to expand LinkedIn as your preferred marketing channel for B2B initiatives. And where video goes, audio quickly follows. We’ve noticed that LinkedIn has been putting more effort into its audio rooms in 2022 which will allow for hyper-targeted content on the platform and a higher level of engagement with younger professional audiences. Time to break out those podcast headphones!

LinkedIn Redesign: So, maybe it’s a personal wishlist of ours but the LinkedIn UI/UX is feeling kind of stale and it has been quite a long time since the app has been updated. Here’s hoping they give video a fighting chance and redesign the LinkedIn app for easier mobile engagement in 2023!

For Kinetic, LinkedIn has quickly become *the* channel for rapidly increasing brand awareness, driving demos and establishing thought leadership among our client roster. In Q4 alone we saw incredible returns on investment for every organic and paid post we orchestrated for our clients and their executive leadership teams. And with so many new features coming down the pipeline from LinkedIn’s product team, now is the time to reach out to discuss your company’s LinkedIn and broader digital strategy. 

With so many exciting updates coming to the platform, now is the perfect time to reassess your company’s LinkedIn strategy. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you make the most of LinkedIn in 2023 … and follow me  Dana Pulis on LinkedIn to see how to start your own little chicken farm. Don’t miss that opportunity either.

Dana Pulis

Owner and Principal

Since launching Kinetic in 2007 from her heart and the living room of her Billings home, Dana Pulis has focused on moving businesses forward through creative marketing communications. Her intense focus has produced amazing results for a long list of local, regional and national clients. That focus has dramatically grown Kinetic from a local firm to a national agency that has won awards against some of the largest ad agencies in the country.

Dana is a nationally-known marketing expert. She’s an award-winning writer, accomplished public speaker and respected business leader. She recruits top pros – account directors and project managers looking for the next challenge, and designers and writers looking to push their creative boundaries.

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