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November 22nd, 2018

Office Space Getting You Down? Time To Change Things Up.

Kendra Porrello Office Manager

As important as it is to like what you do, it is equally important to like where you do it. Whether you work from home, in an office space or a cohabitated workplace, do you know that your environment can have a big impact on mood and behavior as well as productivity? The happier you are with your work space the better outcomes you are likely to produce.


If you don’t have the luxury to choose where you do your actual work, don’t fret. You can still decide what you put within your surroundings.




Live plants, for example, can restore your attention. When a person has access to plants or a window view that overlooks a natural environment, they may feel more stimulated and less tired.


Have a corner in your office that is looking a little bare? Add a hearty ficus plant or spider plant. They are adaptable to many different places. If your space is bit smaller, display on your desk a set of succulents, which are low-maintenance and will do well with the dry office air.


If all else fails, take a quick walk to a pocket park or area with some natural vegetation. You’ll enjoy a bonus if it’s sunny and you can soak up some Vitamin D.



Taking that stroll around the block can also be important for more than getting outdoors. Receiving natural light can also make you feel happier and more alert, aiding in your overall productivity.


If possible, move your desk or computer to an area with more windows and natural sunlight. If that isn’t an option, change out your nearest light bulbs to full spectrum bulbs that provide the closest thing to natural light.




There are more ways to increase satisfaction in your working environment. Take notice of the colors around you and how they make you feel. Are drab colors on the wall making you feel unmotivated and lethargic?


Roll a shade of blue or green on your walls to increase efficiency and focus. Or try on yellowish hue to provoke happiness and creativity. Or simply paint it a color you love. If the boss won’t let you paint (not many will), find a spot for a favored art piece or picture that motivates you or just makes you smile when looking at it.


Lastly, create an open-office plan that can make it easier to communicate with your coworkers, the increased interaction is shown to improve satisfaction, morale and productivity. If that is not possible, take break and chat with a coworker for a few minutes or find a space where you can collaborate and brainstorm together with other members of your team.


What steps will you take to a happier more productive you?

Kendra Porrello

Office Manager

Kendra started in 2017 as Kinetic’s administrative assistant and unofficial hospitality specialist. Although her administrative duties are varied, her top priorities are keeping the coffee stocked, the chocolate jar full and planning parties for all of Kinetic’s accomplishments big and small.

Rumor has it she is the best Matcha maker out there. Don’t know what Matcha is? Stop into the Kinetic office and she’ll greet you with a cup of coffee or a hot Matcha.

When she is not keeping the office running smoothly, Kendra is coaching her kids’ soccer teams, critiquing movies or the latest Netflix shows, and enjoying the outdoors with her family — even if it’s in her own backyard.

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