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August 17th, 2018

Q4 Tips to Stay Focused and Have Fun

Every daily action, no matter how small it seems, impacts the quarter. Whether made on Jan. 2 or Oct 1, those decisions either move us toward the goal or stall our progress. Here are some best Q4 practices to help you finish strong.


1. Bring an extra focus to every project, meeting and task. Hit deadlines, be efficient, demand quality, overcommunicate and keep an eye on the prize.

2. Now’s the time for consistency. You know what you do well and what works. Rely on your instincts. Sure, you can take a few risks. But trust your proven processes and people to get the job done.

3. Yes, lean on your star players, but tap the talents of others eager to show what they can do when the pressure is on.

4. Is your website content tired? Do you have a digital campaign ready to launch? Don’t wait! The time is now!

5. Break the big challenges into manageable tasks. Avoid project paralysis. Chop the elephant into pieces that you can confidently gobble up to keep you on track.

6. Recharge the batteries. Rest. Have some fun. The days may be long, but the sense of accomplishment will be so satisfying at journey’s end.