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December 20th, 2018

Share Your Brand with the World with a Consistent Voice and Look

Your social media strategy should not treat all channels the same. YouTube is a world away from LinkedInInstagram and Facebook have distinct formats. Whatever your message, be sure it is appropriate for the channel you’ve chosen.


Be consistent in your voice. That doesn’t mean everything is written the same across all social networks. You’ll want to tailor content to fit the channel but stick to your brand voice. You have an identity that should be apparent in all your posts. Though each channel has a different style, your identity should be obvious and consistent.




Before you introduce a new strategy, you need to know how current practices are working for you and if they can be improved or should be terminated. If you haven’t audited your current social presence in a while, now’s the time. Before you launch a new strategy, you need to know where you are. Are you keeping up with the social platforms where you appear? Do they add value to your company? Are they optimized with photos, illustrations, links and author bios? What is your competition doing?


You also need to identify and document who your ideal customers are and target your social content to them. Age, occupation, location, income range and pain points (problems you can solve) should all be part of your customer description.




Part of developing a consistent brand identity comes through regular posting. After you’ve moved current or potential customers to make a commitment and choose to follow you, meet their expectations. Post regularly. When they search for the latest offering, delight them with something fresh and interesting. If you have a Twitter account but never post, customers wonder why. Did you go dark for a time on Facebook? What happened to your firm? People will notice.



Make sure your social accounts carry the familiar look of your brand that you present on your website. Make it clear to viewers that you have a consistent identity, logo and color palette.


Many companies use social media management tools to build out a schedule for your posts. It all starts with a content calendar that organizes your posting efforts and keeps everyone on the team aware of what’s coming up on what channel on what date, who is responsible for the post, what is the topic, and the status of photos, illustrations, and links.


Just as you should do an audit before you launch your social media blitzkrieg, you should track results and analyze them to see how you are doing. With that information at hand, tweak your strategy to ensure you are making the most of your efforts to reach customers.