Kinetic Operates ...

So efficiently because of our experienced team of
strategists, creatives, and operations staff. When
we’re not in the office, we’re out playing with our
families and dogs in Montana’s great outdoors.

Dana Pulis

Owner and Principal

Kelsea Schreiner

Strategic Director

Josh Wirth

Creative Director

Morgan Ditto-Kirkwood

Traffic Director

Kendra Porrello

Office Manager

Janell Larson

Account Director

Ian Pickering

Account Executive

Rochelle Rutherford

Account Executive

Erika Crowe

Project Manager

Berenice Carranza Munson

Project Manager

Linsay Foley

Project Manager

Pierce Heska-McJannet

Digital Marketing Strategist

Gabby Althoff


Zac Christensen-Linton

Digital Marketing Executive

Steve Prosinski


Paula Frisby

Ian Pickering

Ian Pickering

Account Executive

Ian Pickering loves to learn about businesses and organizations, getting a sense of what’s important to them and where they want to go. As an Account Executive at Kinetic, Ian translates that passion into actions to help clients. He sees his job quite clearly: understand clients’ goals, collaborate to develop ideas to help them realize their vision, and create an actionable plan to make it reality.

Ian grew up in Bozeman and earned a degree in Management/Communications from Montana State University Billings. He has years of experience in strategy and digital marketing. His greatest skill? “I have an ability to understand what will create the most positive customer experience and build a strategy around it.”