Kinetic Operates ...

So efficiently because of our experienced team of
strategists, creatives, and operations staff. When
we’re not in the office, we’re out playing with our
families and dogs in Montana’s great outdoors.

Dana Pulis

Owner and Principal

Kelsea Schreiner

Managing Partner

Josh Wirth

Creative Director

Natalie Dickerson

Operations Director

Megan Pullins

Digital Director

Onna Cunningham

Strategic Director

Rochelle Rutherford

Account Director

Janell Larson

Account Director

Berenice Carranza Munson

Senior Project Manager

Linsay Foley

Traffic Director

Gabby Althoff

Senior Graphic Designer

Paula Folz


Rob Seas

Content Strategist/Copywriter

Kendra Porrello

Office Manager

Anjali Smith

Project Manager

Sam Fyfe

Senior Graphic Designer

Mikaela Wahl

Social Media Manager

Ryann Reeves

Digital Marketing Specialist

Maggie Woodroof

Digital Marketing Strategist

Tim Lagace

Project Manager

Katryna Eastwood

Account Director

Aimee Lindamood

Art Director

Onna Cunningham

Strategic Director

Meet Onna Cunningham! This amazing lady grew up in Alabama, has her Master’s Degree in Diplomacy and embodies a true entrepreneurial spirit. Prior to joining us, she founded two separate companies and led both through impressive agency growth as both the owner and Chief Marketing Officer. She also brings 15 years of experience, account direction expertise and marketing savvy to all of her Kinetic clients… and not only that, she is absolutely delightful! Onna loves to travel, devours books and is also the lucky mom of 12-year-old Poppy and 7-year-old Soren. She is curious, tenacious and mindful (bringing all of these characteristics to every project she leads on behalf of her clients). And she’s not afraid of anything except maybe what Soren’s up to now… as she says “he takes on the world, very literally, headfirst.”