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August 13th, 2018

‘Tis the Event Season

All seasons are eventful, but this year has been even more “event full” for the Kinetic team.

We’ve enjoyed working with our partners to put more “special” in their special events. August features two: the Innovate Montana Symposium, where we helped iConnect Montana connect with prospective customers, and the ever-popular Billings Clinic Classic. And last month we executed EBMS’ 25th Symposium Conference (see story below). We are currently working on two more events for clients.

Our keys to event success strong planning, frequent and focused communications, cutting-edge technology, and out-of-the-box thinking to engage and delight attendees.

Some of you, our clients, out there have the chops to pull off an event or to have a significant influence and presence on an industry event. We could start with a webinar conference and eventually work our way into an on-site event. In this blog, you will see how an event has helped our client, EBMS, be recognized as an industry thought leader (see related story, 3 Days to Set a New Company Perception).