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December 9th, 2021 3 minute read

Video Production to Support Community Development

Paula Folz Writer

Based in beautiful Billings, Montana, Kinetic loves working on projects and with clients who are dedicated to growing our community and bettering the quality of life for all who live here. That’s why we were so excited to partner with Big Sky Economic Development (BSED) and their initiative, BillingsWorks.

The BSED mission is to sustain and grow our region’s vibrant economy by providing leadership and resources for business creation, expansion, talent attraction and retention, new business recruitment and community development.

They understand that recruiting great talent to join Billings-based organizations is one of the greatest challenges all businesses are facing into today’s labor stressed environment. As such, they have created a comprehensive Recruiter Toolkit full of amazing resources that any business can utilize to attract the best and brightest employees.

Here’s where the Kinetic team comes in.

BSED and BillingsWorks wanted to create to a series of three videos, each with a specific focus and purpose to assist businesses in recruiting out of state (and even just out of town) talent.

The emphasis of the first video focused on the Billings lifestyle. The opportunity and challenge was to touch on all of the things that go into that overall concept: the four seasons, the endless outdoor opportunities, raising a family and high quality education, the food and nightlife scene, the shopping, the arts and culture…

We conducted over a dozen interviews, coordinated strategic B-roll and were able to tell this story in a real, compelling and beautiful way to connect with potential Billings recruits. Check it out here!


Out of these initial interviews, we were also able to develop a second video that focused specifically on economic opportunity for professionals and entrepreneurs across a range of industries. And the third video’s unique purpose was to highlight the robust medical community in Billings, as we are the regional healthcare hub in a 500-mile radius.

Interested in learning more about how Kinetic can help you develop unique and strategic video and messaging to meet your specific needs? Reach out to us! We’d love to support your next big endeavor!

Paula Folz


She loves languages, adventure and travel. She loves to explore new perspectives and learn about diverse life experiences. Those are terrific qualities for a copywriter, and Paula Folz puts them to work for clients every day. Her decade of experience in marketing and proposal management in the architecture/engineering industry adds even more insight.

She’s excelled at copywriting for years, but with Kinetic clients, “I get to be more creative than ever before. In many ways, this is cultural tourism as I learn about incredible companies that we get to work with on a deep level.” Paula, from Casper, Wyoming, earned a BA in Spanish at the University of Wyoming, where she also did graduate studies in Communications/Marketing.

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