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May 6th, 2019

5 Tips to Produce Videos That Connect

Don’t be intimidated by video. People consume hours and hours of video every week. It is part of our lives. Why shouldn’t it be part of your company messaging? It’s the perfect medium to personally explain to customers just who you are, why you do what you do, and why they should trust you and buy your products and services.

With a well-thought-out plan, a good camera or two, tripod, basic lighting kit, audio equipment and editing software, you’re ready to roll.

Here are five meaty tips for you and your marketing team:


1. Determine what is the goal of the video

What is the takeaway message? Who is the audience? What is your call to action? Everything that follows in the production of the video must support the goal.


2. Create a storyboard

Woe to the company that just wings it when it’s time for a video. Sure, many company leaders are great public speakers, confident collaborators and engaging personalities. But a “point-and-shoot” video strategy will often leave you wincing at the final product.

Speaking off the cuff with little preparation is a recipe for disaster, or at least a more time-consuming video production as retakes pile up. That’s why it’s essential to create a simple storyboard (what shots do you need?) and a script (what are we saying when?).


3. Coach on-camera talent

Prepare your “actors” on what’s expected of them. For those speaking, let them review ahead of time the script that has been written. No need to memorize it. You can create your own teleprompter on a laptop to help them stay on track with a full text or just scrolling notes to guide them. For those in supporting roles (driving a truck, helping a patient, etc.), let them know what you want to see from them. Even show them the storyboard. They’ll appreciate the instructions and insight.


4. Remember the basics

Keep the background simple and consistent. Fewer distractions make for more effective messaging. Don’t plop your speaker in dead center. That’s boring. Use the rule of thirds (envision a 3 x 3 grid  in the frame and position your subject so that the face is in one of the grid’s intersections).

Beware of the conflict between artificial and natural light sources. A subject too close to both kinds of light will create uneven lighting and editing-room challenges. For sound, check the acoustics in your location to make sure there’s no echo, hum or noisy playgrounds outside. You want your sounds to be crisp, clear and balanced.

Take some B-roll footage that you can cut in to provide relief from the speaker and add different elements (other people, your products, external views, etc.).


5. Bring in the pros

If you’re shooting your own video, Tips 1-4 are critical. But Tip 5 may be the most important. Hire a professional agency. We know a good one.

Many clients have turned to Kinetic to produce high-quality video. We know the drill. We’ve got the professional skills and trained eyes to create compelling video and stunning photography. We have the right equipment and know how to use it. If the video cries out for a bit of stock footage, we have the licenses to find it and add it.


We’ve been-there, done-that, so we can adjust to changing circumstances and unplanned surprises. We bring a fresh storyteller’s perspective to your video, making sure it connects with your audience. Of course, your ideas and intentions are good. We work closely with you to make them memorable.

As in most business things, time is money. Professionally produced video can be a great investment that delivers dividends as it grabs the attention of prospective clients, new employees, loyal customers and others you are targeting.