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Montana’s premier full-service marketing agency for branding, web design, digital marketing, PPC advertising, graphic design, photography, videography and more.

Our job is to serve your customers well so that you are successful.

We speak your customer’s language.

And when we make your customer happy, we make you successful. How do we really know your customer so well? Because we understand who they are, how they want to be spoken to, and what they want to get out of the conversation. That’s what we call “strategic communications.” And it’s what we do well.

We Are A Smarter Agency

Six distinct shops bring
the work together

We are a strategic marketing agency that knows how to bring out the best in our client’s brands. We place the “why” before the “how” and then paint an artful picture replete with answers to your client’s question, “Why would I want to choose them?” Our six agency shops collaborate seamlessly to achieve our clients’ business goals.

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Our Work

Since 2007…

Kinetic has been a strategic marketing & creative agency. Strategy is at the core of our firm’s services and is most evident as we resolve and come up with solutions for our clients. We are anthropologists who look for our client’s real message and story and don’t mind digging with research to find it. Our job is to mire in the mess and bring clarity to it.

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