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Road Adventures was one of our biggest branding stories, and it all grew out of the idea of the iconic road trip still lives in the hearts and minds of vacationers and they could do it easily with a rented vintage travel trailer in tow.

Our work with Road Adventures included an initial business viability and feasibility study, vast amounts of customer research, name creation, logo and branding, website design, content development, and back-end application design. We worked with Road Adventures and interviewed AAA partner agents to get insights on planning customers’ vacations. We talked to agents in several research sessions to determine exactly what their customers were seeking, and how Road Adventures could best serve them.


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Our extensive research and exploratory sessions with the client and its partners helped create a vastly complex plan for a multimedia public launch. We wrote content, designed creative and produced a robust website and back-end customer platform for Road Adventures. Through a multiday remote shoot in several Montana locations, we completed a robust photography project for Road Adventures, complete with a small fleet of travel trailers, camping gear, extras, and an entire truckload of supplies and props. We were thrilled when the photography for Road Adventures was awarded a Gold ADDY in 2016.


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