We’ve always been an agency of about 20 people acting like we have 30. Kinetic is serious about our clients’ business and takes their opportunities and challenges on as if our own. We revel in the art of cutting away the clutter to get down to the essential, and what we deliver from it should be precise and crystal clear to our client’s customer.

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It’s actually quite simple…

We are a smart crew and we also love to simplify. Maybe its because of where we live – breathtaking Montana – where our favorite thing to do is be outdoors and play. Or maybe it’s just because we’re too busy to make it complicated.

Dana Pulis

Owner and Principal

Kelsea Schreiner

Strategic Director

Josh Wirth

Creative Director

Morgan Ditto

Traffic Director

Kendra Porrello

Office Manager

Janell Larson

Account Director

Ian Pickering

Account Executive

Erika Crowe

Project Manager

Linsay Foley

Project Manager

Berenice Carranza Munson

Project Manager

Zac Christensen-Linton

Digital Marketing Executive

Pierce Heska-McJannet

Digital Marketing Strategist

Gabby Althoff


Kevin King


Steve Prosinski



Our work has been honored with awards for many
years, and we’re always excited to share our latest
accolades.Take a look at our latest achievements, and browse some of our favorite projects for great clients.

  • Loenbro, Inc.
  • Business-to-Business Website
  • 2017
  • Gold ADDY Award




  • WebBuy
  • Web-Based App & Landing Page
  • 2017
  • Silver ADDY Award








  • KOA
  • Brand Identity
  • 2015
  • Silver ADDY Award


  • KOA
  • Brochure
  • 2015
  • Silver ADDY award








  • Ag-Land 
  • Exterior Signage
  • 2012
  • Gold ADDY Award