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Based in San Francisco, Extranomical Tours prides itself on operating small group tours of the Bay Area with fun, knowledgeable, local  guides. While their clientele is often visiting Northern California only for a few days, Extranomical strives to capture a national and international market of young, enthusiastic travelers who don’t consider themselves “tour group types.” Their wide selection of tour destinations, personal service including hotel-site pickups, and customizable options make them stand out in a saturated market of tours.

Extranomical was looking to branch out its digital advertising and branding on a tight timeline. We eagerly hit the ground running to talk about some of our favorite activities: travel, food, and making new friends. What we found was that the Extranomical team is extremely passionate on doing right by clients, and want to reach and inspire a lifetime of memories on their tours. Team members are excited about the Bay Area’s sheer variety, and because they want to share everything with their customers, they sometimes have trouble focusing their message. We helped them reach out and connect with their perfect clientele.


Extranomical - Logo

We support Extranomical with digital work and other collateral, as well as strategic development of their brand messaging to help the company stand out. Through extended work sessions, we came together to develop guest value propositions for clients, a new logo, a brand book and a tagline. We also developed a set of promotional videos for three of their most popular tours (see links below), as well as a series of digital ads, and a print tour brochure. For their B2B materials, we’ve also created tradeshow banners and van wraps.

Extranomical Videos

Wine Lovers

Muir Woods


Brand Book

Extranomical - Brand Book

Digital Ads

Extranomical - Digital Ads


Extranomical - Brochure

Tradeshow Display

Extranomical - Tradeshow Display

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