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April 6th, 2018

A Revolutionary Car-Buying App Brought to Market

Kinetic researched, wireframed, designed and produced content for the app for WebBuy, the nation’s first end-to-end car-buying experience available online. Our team, in partnership with the WebBuy team, was excited to launch WebBuy’s online presence and this award-winning app.


WebBuy fully connects consumers, lenders and dealerships with just one app, from which consumers can:

  1. Shop online 24/7 for a new or used vehicle from dealers’ local inventories

  2. Customize the vehicle to their preference and adjust payments to their budget

  3. Get a certified trade-in offer for their vehicle, not just a quote

  4. Receive approved financing from national banks with a transparent, easy process

  5. Complete their purchase and choose to hold a vehicle, or simply complete paperwork

That’s a tall order for any app. To begin our process, we conducted discovery meetings with all stakeholders to build a foundation for the project.

We tackled landing page and app design with a fervor, given the urgency launch this product in such a competitive space. We identified high-level goals and solutions to achieve each goal.

The app was designed to be easy to navigate and reassuringly guide the user to the end of the process. We used cutting-edge ingenuity to manage user flow through the complexity of the pages. We worked to ensure that all messaging and functionality provided a sense of ease and security. Our writers focused on using language that would be soft and easy to understand, limiting bounces due to confusion.

We applied Responsive Visual Design to facilitate site interaction regardless of device (desktop, tablet or smartphone). Our designs balanced essential content with design elements such as color, imagery, edging and layout, all to blend effortlessly with the app. We even produced a whiteboard video to help explain the concept.

We worked closely with our web-programming partner, Webgrain, to bring this challenging project to a successful result.