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August 3rd, 2021

Connecting with Investors and Building Business

Zeus Electric Chassis, Inc.

“Risk only comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” ~ Warren Buffett

At Kinetic, we know what we’re doing and we understand that marketing – whether you’re selling a product, a service or a big idea – is all about connecting with people, helping them understand what you’re doing, feel inspired and see how (whatever it is) applies to them personally.

Humans are humans.

We love to feel connected, be excited and be a part of things greater than ourselves. We help our clients reach their goals by revealing what invigorates and inspires and makes their company (or their dream) worth investing and believing in through compelling messaging, strategic digital and media planning, implementation and advocacy. 


Meet Zeus.

As an electric vocational truck/chassis start-up business, Zeus approached Kinetic with a key purpose: to build momentum for their financing launch. Our team came on board for the seed round of their fundraising effort and we helped to facilitate a robust grassroots outreach campaign.

Our team assisted in developing a comprehensive communications strategy (digital and print). This consisted of developing interesting, compelling and distinctive messaging. We then created investor presentations as well as talking points to target specific audiences and facilitated outreach.

Their monetary goal at this first phase was to raise $500,000 and they surpassed this easily with $728,000.

The next phase entailed both a crowdfunding campaign as well as actively pursuing the accredited investor path. Again, we developed targeted presentations, branded and strategic collateral, and comprehensive investor books to assist the Zeus CEO in his ongoing outreach and efforts to expand their investor audience. Additionally, we helped them build out their website with the integration of an investor platform, press kit and necessary financial data.

It all started with strategy, getting to know them and then developing compelling language and messaging (tone, tenor and voice) all while working within their existing brand standards.