Primary Research

Kinetic backs you up with a team of researchers that guide you to real, conclusive results. We provide research marketing through Primary, Market and User Experience Research. We also assist clients in conducting Grant Research and write data-rich articles and reports for granted-funded efforts. We do the work for you and creatively implement our findings to drive your company to another level.

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    Get an edge with evidence.

    Differentiate your business from the competition by addressing your customers’ needs directly. We execute thoughtful, thorough primary research to help businesses innovate and pull ahead.

    Get to the soul of your company with Kinetic’s proprietary primary research process.

    We conduct one-on-one interviews to get to know your target audience. This primary research will garner qualitative and quantitative data that you can put to use with a unique value proposition driving people to you! We get into the minds and hearts of the people you are seeking to connect with to execute the best brand and content customized to your audience. Research goes into each tactic, each word and each graphic and that is why we are an award-winning agency.

    Corner the market with our
    market research.

    Are you starting a business, expanding a service or hoping to break into a new market? Kinetic will help you succeed! We are leaders in offering our clients comprehensive and actionable market research to help them gain a deeper understanding of their industry, competition and target audience.



    primary research

    Optimize advertising, websites and marketing with user experience (UX) research by our UX experts

    A critical step in creating effective user-centered websites for our clients is conducting in-person UX workshops. We plan and facilitate these events to bring together perspectives from across the spectrum of demographic profiles, professions and tech-experience levels of current and potential users of your site. An accessible, intuitive, easily navigable website translates into dollars saved and made by driving traffic, transforming clicks into sales and minimizing the need to provide on-going customer support.

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    From proposal to final peer-reviewed results, Kinetic can help!

    We undertake studies and submit documentation for peer-review through grant research. We also have extensive experience in conducting grant research for clients who need a team to develop data-driven articles for grant-funded projects.

    Check out our Case Study to see our Primary Research in action.


    Build a Brighter Business.

    Real Research for Real Results

    We’ll do the work and deliver results. Without the research and data to back up your marketing strategies, how can you be sure you are addressing the unique needs of your target audience? How can you develop a plan and how could you ever measure success? Let the Kinetic team of researchers be your guides. Research and the crucial findings that we are able to provide will give you the confidence you deserve in your marketing – the solutions we implement will show you real return on investment.

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