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A great culture is the foundation of any great organization. Internal communications and employee-engagement strategies build culture, turn your employees into champions for your business and help to attract the best talent.

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    Kinetic Services - Internal Communications

    The One Thing You Have to Get Right…

    What is the single thing that separates the strongest, most innovative organizations in the world from the rest? In almost every case, the difference is culture. Building a better company culture has become a cliche for most organizations. Sure, it sounds great – but how do you actually do it?

    Kinetic helps you build a better organization by putting the pieces in place to help you communicate effectively with your people. We have the experience and expertise to build a comprehensive organizational communication strategy that clearly tells your brand story across your organization in a cohesive manner. Coordinating your internal communications effectively helps you strengthen your organization through greater employee engagement and making your people truly feel like part of a team.

    Internal Communications Done Right

    Kinetic knows communications. It’s what we do. We work with brands to strengthen their culture by starting with what drives it – the employees. We dig deep into the best ways to actually connect with your employees where it will actually matter to them. Our strategies are never a one-size-fits-all approach. We invest the time and energy into aligning the right plans and tools with your audience to create something that will have a lasting impact on your company culture. The best way to attract and retain quality employees is to show them you are somewhere worth being every day.

    See how we do it for clients in our Case Study.

    Internal Communications Includes:

    • Consulting
    • Company Newsletters
    • Custom Portal Development
    • Employee Engagement Tools & Survey Support


    • Employee Onboarding
    • Company Benefits Communication
    • Employee Risk Management
    • HR Communications Support


    • Recruitment Materials Development
    • Culture Video Development
    • Internal Communication Best Practices


    Employee Engagement Survey
    Job Fair Collateral
    Employee Newsletter
    Corporate Intranet
    Benefit Communications

    Shine a Light
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