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Loenbro is one of the largest employers in Great Falls, Montana, and one of Kinetic’s longest client partners. A professional services company operating multiple divisions, locations, and verticals, their business is RFP-driven, and involves project work from $2 million to $80 million in scope. Our work with Loenbo has ranged from websites to logo design, and from the smallest print collateral (stickers for company hard hats) to a multistate video production project.


Loenbro - Logo

We’ve worked with Loenbro to overhaul their website three times so far – in 2012, 2014, and 2017 as the company has expanded its capabilities. To better address the company’s expanded services, locations, and potential client base, we created an award-winning website that speaks to the needs of a near infinite number of potential new clients, and serves as an easy resource for RFP and RFQ submissions in a competitive industry. We launched Loenbro’s new website and a large-scale custom video project in 2017, which was also recognized with an award for marketing excellence.


Loenbro - Website

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Thinking Smaller to Attract the Right Talent

To increase employee recruitment, we created a careers microsite to increase the company’s hiring capabilities while they continued their rapid growth.

The site speaks to a different audience: that of the potential employee who might not have as much history with Loenbro’s core values. We needed a way to send a clear message to potential hires and set the same high expectations that Loenbro has for its current employees.

The careers site has a unique voice that still keeps within the Loenbro brand. It’s completely updated and operated by Loenbro’s internal staff – key for keeping job listings fresh and communications current. We love working with their team to make the most of their rapid growth. The careers site was also awarded a Silver ADDY in 2015.


Loenbro Microsite

One Sheets & Capabilities Brochure

Loenbro - One Sheets & Brochure

Driving Success, One New Client, One New Employee at a Time

As Loenbro has grown, our projects together have evolved to strategically meet their new needs.

We produced an award-winning brochure that explained the company’s vast capabilities that range from pipeline work to industrial construction. We helped them compete for new contracts with dynamic project bid folders full of print materials outlining Loenbro’s expertise. We created digital internal communications to engage their growing workforce, and delivered high-quality employee communications through internal newsletters and new-hire materials.

Now spread out with offices in five states, and with projects spread across the country, Loenbro has many of the same challenges of any large company. We’ve helped them meet those challenges in keeping employee communications clear and winning new business with strong marketing materials that show potential clients what is possible when they do business with Loenbro.


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