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April 13th, 2017

Expanding Loenbro’s Universe: New Website Launch

Do you know the difference between LACT units and mobile skids? Can you talk about upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas services? Know when to use Phased Array vs. X-ray inspection? Our Kinetic team sure does! After working to launch a new website for Loenbro, Inc. (our third site revamp for the industrial services firm based in Great Falls, MT), we’ve become mini experts in the industry language and technology.

We’re proud to announce the launch of the new Loenbro.com — a feat that had some amazing metrics:


  • Time since past Loenbro website debut: 2.5 years
  • Working timeline: 5 months concept to launch
  • Number of website pages published: 41
  • Number of states visited for on-site interviews, photos, and video shoots: 3
  • Total number of photos taken and used on the website: 270
  • Total photo files created (to showcase multiple sizes): 540
  • Latest evening worked: until 3 a.m.

See the progression of Loenbro’s website over the years, starting in 2012…

Importance of Front-Loaded Strategic Planning

Part of the success of the Loenbro website is a high level of planning. This included a number of design charrettes with the client, whiteboarding the possible content and site structure. We spent significant time working to achieve a website that houses both the width and depth of Loenbro’s services in tandem with a successful user experience. Kinetic’s process included building user profiles, understanding the challenges of the design needs, analyzing flow and ultimately developing a user-driven information system.

With planning in place, Kinetic designed multiple low and high fidelity wireframes that were developed into the site you see today.

“The goal of the new website was to reposition the client as a leader in their industry serving multiple verticals they had not served 2 years ago. The number of industries served coupled with the number of services the company provides proved to be a complex cross-linking opportunity. We also focused heavily on search engine optimization,” Kinetic Strategic Director Kelsea Schreiner said.

We’re Always Looking Ahead for Our Clients

With Loenbro’s rapid growth over the last few years, their website must always stay within best practices, employ high functioning user experience and remain on trend. We advocate for clients to constantly think 2-3 years into the future, because there’s always change — in website trends, their competition’s maneuvers, and their customer base’s appetites.

Where do you want to see yourself down the road? Start planning your website now to reflect that growth.

As always, you can talk to our pros at Kinetic to see how your website can best serve your company’s growth needs.