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Being honest has been important to Little Guy Trailers. The company works hard to manufacture and market American-made vintage travel trailers to a national and international market. Customers are often so inspired that they take to the road with their trailers and never look back at their “old” lives at a single address. A community of trailer lovers, they’re excited, empowered, and on the go.

When we connected with Little Guy Trailers, its team was known for revitalizing the teardrop trailer in the U.S. We spent a great deal of time researching and working with the internal team to expand the company’s brand, complete with an updated logo, carefully crafted Unique Value Propositions for the company, tone and tenor proposals for written components, photo style guides, website and print advertising concepts, and more — all to give them an idea of a comprehensive rebranding that reflected their true selves.


Little Guy Trailers - logo

Little Guy Trailers - Photography


Little Guy Trailers - Letter

Little Guy also had a PR issue at hand: they were about to see a big change in manufacturing, and their dealerships were nervous and creating their own narrative, because communications weren’t flowing from the parent company. One of their biggest-selling trailers was about to leave their family, and they needed to reassure both their network of dealerships as well as their fan base that not only was Little Guy still a big player in the market, but the quality and service they’d known was only going to improve. Our dealer booklet spoke to their national network of dealerships about the changes ahead, and the opportunities to follow in the coming year.

Dealer Communications Book

Little Guy Trailers - Dealer Communications Book

Magazine Ad

Little Guy Trailers - Magazine Ad

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