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Minnesota-based Interstate Companies had an opportunity to improve employee engagement and attract more new hires. The company first needed to improve its internal employee listening channels. While we often listen to leadership, we don’t get enough feedback from employees on the front lines – those recently hired who still need to learn a lot about the company culture to become engaged, long-term hires.

Kinetic traveled to Interstate’s headquarters in Minneapolis twice to conduct daylong communications studies with Interstate’s staff. Through these interviews and feedback sessions, we gathered details about their different journeys from new hires to productive employees. Our team learned that Interstate was falling short by a lack of professional onboarding, no clear, well-crafted job offer with detailed expectations, no emotional connection about the company’s goals, and a lack in “immediate goals” for employees on Day One, among other communications issues.


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We created materials to better engage, inform, and retain happy employees at Interstate, which included an internal newsletter, an employee engagement survey (and promotional materials), an employee intranet, a benefits guide, HR videos, and a We Are Interstate campaign. With the help of new HR materials, as well as true employee feedback, Interstate’s internal communications now more effectively engage their employees from the offer date to Day One and beyond.

Employee Engagement Pieces

Interstate Powersystems - Employee Engagement Pieces

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Interstate Powersystems - New Employee Packet

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Employee Engagement Pieces

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Employee Engagement Pieces

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