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A longtime client of Kinetic, Jennifer Williams brings her personalized coaching to the masses with her Bozeman-based consulting business, Heartmanity. As a mentor and relationship instructor, she focuses on helping clients to build interpersonal relationships at home and at work, with the aid of trusted skills and techniques to foster good behavior out of bad.

For several years, we’ve worked with Jennifer to help her stand out in a sea of online “life coach” approaches. She had a lot of personalized programs in mind, and we worked with her to best communicate them to her potential clients so they could sign up with the right one. We worked with her to hone her voice to a consistent, reassuring one of a friend, not just a mentor. She’s always looking to expand her business, and we’ve worked with her to adjust her online presence and messaging as we pivot strategies.


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Heartmanity Website

For Heartmanity, we’ve completed several challenging assignments, including a large-scale web design project and logo development, email content writing and strategy, online course development and design, and more. We’ve also worked with Jennifer on her side project, Habits for Wholeness, which included web design and logo development.


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Habits for Wholeness - Website

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