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June 14th, 2021

Case Study: An Engaging Environment

City Brew Coffee is a fixture in Montana and surrounding states. Kinetic has won two ADDY awards for a variety of branding, advertising and environmental design work for City Brew. This environmental design work provides more than just information and advertising. It transforms how customers feel about the company and the space it inhabits.


City Brew Coffee had become a local favorite across Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota, but struggled with scaling up as its popularity and market share increased. Kinetic has assisted with branding, advertising and environmental design to support City Brew’s growth as it navigates the challenges of rapid expansion.


Conducting market research and strategic planning, Kinetic initially focused on brand messaging and continues to provide City Brew with comprehensive digital marketing services, custom photography and packaging design. Some of our most rewarding and prolific work with City Brew is in the realm of environmental design (across all of their multi state locations).

In conjunction with both seasonal and evergreen campaigns, we design and coordinate the installation of window wraps, interior and exterior menu boards, large-scale wraps, register signs and shelf-talkers (to name a few). We also work closely with City Brew in promoting its community pride by developing sponsor graphics that support local athletics and other causes.


City Brew has grown to enjoy packaged distribution in hotels and box stores, including Costco, and to become locals’ favorite coffee seller. Our work for City Brew has won two ADDY Awards and has proved that effective environmental design does more than provide information and advertising, but actually transforms how customers feel about a space. In creating these graphics for City Brew, we focus on differentiated brand elements and elegant simplicity, all within the context of shaping the customer experience. City Brew continues to expand, grow and find incredible success in this competitive market.

Kinetic focused on elegant simplicity to help shape and enhance the environment and customer experience at City Brew. Download a PDF of our environmental design case study here.