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May 24th, 2019

Changing Your Company Culture for the Better

Berenice Carranza Munson Senior Project Manager

How often do we hear about company culture and companies that seem to have it nailed down?


You don’t have to build a pool for your employees or buy a new space so there’s room for the infamous ping pong table everyone has been asking about. Sure, that would be fun, and they are nice perks to have, but a positive company culture can be attained more easily.


All it takes is the right mindset, true focus on your team and a great attitude to shape the right culture.


Honest and True Communication


Sounds simple right? It should be. A key to positive company culture is to promote honest and true communication. It is so empowering when a company encourages its employees to speak freely, is open with the entire team, and promotes transparency as much as possible.


Employees who feel validated and confident to communicate, not only with their teammates but also with leadership, inspire the culture to become more positive. Who doesn’t like to know that their ideas and insights are valued by their team — and especially by leadership? Yes, please!


Commitment and Pride


If true communication is encouraged and the entire team supports respectful and honest communication, it results in having more pride and commitment in the work they do. Their ideas are valued. They feel proud of those ideas.


They feel committed to continue to achieve successful work. Pride in their work and having true commitment can help employees to continue to work harder and have less stress in their environment. This is the type of mindset you want in your team and employees, which helps create a loyal team. A loyal and proud team = a great company culture.


Strong Leadership


Strong leadership results in a strong team. Leaders who invest in their employees are noticed by the entire team. It’s clear to employees when leadership doesn’t see them as valued team members. And it’s also very apparent when leaders do. Employees want to feel that their team is investing in them with training and development. A team’s culture grows when the team’s capabilities and strengths also grow. We want our team to perform at its best, and paying attention to those results is important, but paying attention to the process of development really engages the entire family.


Trust, Respect and Collaboration

Members of a successful team need to have trust and respect for one another. And if they have trust and respect, collaboration is constantly being generated and a successful workplace is being achieved. Trusting a teammate comes from the honest communication we were talking about earlier, along with everyone being accountable for their actions and responsibilities.


Think about those companies that have such great company cultures — what I like to call “family-style” cultures. You are able to be open with one another and yet respect and honor each other, and you recognize that each person contributes to the overall success of the company. Everyone plays a part, owns their part, and grows united into a positive company culture.


I have experienced bad company cultures — and companies that didn’t even attempt to create one. Now being part of a company that hits each of these points and truly values a positive and ever-growing culture is such a great atmosphere to be around.


Yes, work is still work but, man, does it help to have an exciting, trusting, and family-style environment that fosters a creative and fun environment that promotes personal and professional growth. I thank Kinetic for not only valuing the work we create but the employees behind each piece.


Berenice Carranza Munson

Senior Project Manager

Project manager, aka task/schedule ninja, Berenice sparks her competitive edge every day, balancing the business side with the client needs. Let’s just say she’s hardcore for Kinetic, but definitely has a soft side for her amazing clients. Growing up in Chicago helped mold her bold personality. She’s the happy-go-lucky type, for sure. You best believe she loves building relationships, not only with her Kinetic team, but with all the amazing people she gets to work with.

Every day is new, exciting and challenging, and it is clear that this PM is up for the adventure!

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