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May 17th, 2022 3 minute read

Client Spotlight: Billings Chamber of Commerce

Paula Folz Writer

This month we’re highlighting some exciting work we’ve been able to do with one of our community’s most impactful organizations — the Billings Chamber of Commerce!

We have partnered with them since 2018. Initially, we provided creative services in support of a new message campaign on behalf of the Billings Chamber. Later, we developed the Billings Chamber strategic marketing plan and assisted in developing the multiple initiatives and marketing campaigns that strategy encompassed.

Enter 2020.

The Billings Chamber of Commerce came to Kinetic with an ambitious goal: to become a nationally recognized 3C’s Chamber. This means being a true Catalyst for business growth, a Convener of leaders and influencers to actively create change and a Champion for a thriving community. The only way to do that is to provide real solutions to big problems for their members and communicate that value in compelling ways.

Much of this campaign focused on their new investment tier structure and reemphasizing the benefits of membership to existing members as well as recruiting new businesses into the Chamber family.

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The question is not “what did we do?” to support them in this huge effort — it’s “what didn’t we do?”

The Kinetic team began by developing a new logo, messaging and comprehensive branding along with new brand guidelines.

We developed all new business collateral including letterhead, business cards, pull up banners, PowerPoint presentations and templates — we called this the business toolkit. Social media was also a big part of this. We planned their content strategy, built social templates for social positing (LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram) and created custom imagery (using photos from our custom photoshoot) to be utilized throughout the campaign.

Additionally, we created a new 3C’s landing page  and executed a full Chamber website refresh which also incorporated updated design and a focus on user experience (UX). This landing page was created for brand awareness, content consumption and a thoughtful User Experience (UX). As part of this campaign, we built a comprehensive email and e-newsletter campaign to not only educate members about the new tiering structure, but to drive them to the new website and encourage engagement.


Ultimately, the Billings Chamber of Commerce was recognized last year with four national awards for outstanding programs and communications, including a first place for their website and the highest honor offered: Best Overall Communications Award!

This year, we got to take it even further, and it’s been so much fun! They reached back out to us because they recognized a renewed need to reach not only potential members, but also current members who may not be getting the full benefits of a membership. So we launched a full-on media effort!

We created and produced five 30-second TV spots highlighting four wonderful current Chamber members and local business leaders who talked about the Chamber’s new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) program, business benefits and even the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) services the Chamber provides. We then were able to turn these into some beautiful print ads. We even helped them put together some great radio spots.

We’re members ourselves and are honored to be able to support the Chamber and all they do for our community!

Check out the videos!


The Billings Chamber of Commerce Your Home Team

The Billings Chamber of Commerce Supporting Hospitality and Building Business

The Billings Chamber of Commerce Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

The Billings Chamber of Commerce Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Drives Business and Builds Community




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