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November 11th, 2021 -1 minute read

MetraPark Video Meets MetraPark Vignettes – a LOVE Story

Paula Folz Writer

MetraPark engaged Kinetic Marketing & Creative to assist in the video development and creation to support the public engagement and master planning process they embarked upon last year.

We actually did three videos with them. The first focused on the history of MetraPark and the people involved in bringing it to Billings and making it a “thing.” The second video emphasized the role MetraPark plays in the community and people’s personal connections with it. And the third video focused on the economic impact of MetraPark.

I invite you to watch the second video below. It’s not long, but you can imagine how much footage and material we were working with after interviewing all of those people.

Now take a minute to watch the following vignettes. Sometimes in video, you run into a situation where someone might do or say some really great things, but they just don’t fit logically anywhere in your video script. See how we created great vignettes from our interviews with Taylor Brown and Flint Rasmussen to augment our messaging.

MetraPark | Vignette

MetraPark | Memories Vignette

For more examples take a minute to watch to our Economic Impact video and then compare to the following vignettes. Nick’s is a must see BTW.

These vignettes and others clipped from those same video shoots have racked up huge engagement numbers and been shared across multiple platforms. The bottom line: When you’ve got great footage, create vignettes to strengthen your social media presence, increase engagement and maximize your marketing dollars.

Paula Folz


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