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August 6th, 2018

Technology symposium, meet your new app

Our clients ask us for our expertise in a variety of requests but one area that frequently comes up is how to incorporate technology into their marketing. At times we are figuring out the best email platform for their email marketing program and other times we are suggesting consumer-driven technology tools to offer their customers in a variety of applications.

Recently we undertook the huge task of taking EBMS’s 25th Symposium to a more sophisticated and professional event. For us, this included implementing technology that would enhance their guest experience and shine favorably on our technology-driven client. We decided to utilize an app that would help with many functions of the event, including continually updating attendees with alerts and giving them a central location to manage their event experience. An event app like this can also assist with lodging arrangements, understanding return-on-investment for an event, or conducting live polling. For the EBMS Health & Business Symposium, we customized an open source app to help event managers and attendees make the most of the three-day event. We produced push notifications, identified key events for people, provided a list of sponsors that linked to their information, and much more.

Our decision to implement this app technology brought the symposium community of hosts, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees closer together, and strengthened planning and guests’ understanding of this important event and made EBMS look even more like a good technology-driven company.