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January 11th, 2023

Video (A Lot of Video) Belongs in Your 2023 Marketing Mix

Rob Seas Content Strategist/Copywriter

Do you want to generate more traffic, leads, conversions and audience engagement in 2023? Would you like to attract new employees in this tight labor market, build stronger employee engagement or create broad buy-in for your next community project?

In today’s digital marketing world, nothing matches the versatility of video for delivering all these goals and more. Externally, it can help improve sales, acquire new customers and build relationships between your company and its audience. Internally, it’s a great way to educate employees on a variety of topics as well as instill company culture.

Video is particularly effective at driving home your message while delivering a substantial return on investment. That’s why you need to make this versatile marketing tool a vital part of your 2023 marketing budget and content mix.

What Does Video Deliver?

Use of video has grown steadily over the past decade, with double digit increases reported by a broad range of businesses seeking to grow their brand. Most of us need only to look toward our own online behavior and that of our friends and family to grasp how important video has become in our daily lives. In fact, research shows 84 minutes per day is now the global average for video consumption. Below are just a few examples of what video can do for your brand.

video production and marketingHigher Conversion Rates

Today’s consumers expect video on your website and social media pages. Short, engaging videos can move potential clients down the marketing funnel in under two minutes. On the other hand, a lack of compelling video content erodes trust and engagement. 

According to WordStream, adding video on a landing page can increase the conversion rate by 80%. Adding video to an email can boost the click-through rate by 200%-300%.

Search Engine Rankings

Google has been promoting the importance of video content for almost 16 years (not surprising, since it purchased YouTube in 2006). There’s no doubt that having video on your website can help it achieve substantial increases in organic traffic.

Customer Connection

Nothing builds trust like genuine human connection. Aside from trade shows and in store connections, video gives your business the opportunity to establish that connection better than any other content medium. Your tone of voice, music and facial expressions are all in play to help you evoke passion for your brand.

Brand Awareness and Engagement

Video builds brand awareness and engagement by telling your company story, showing employees in action and sharing behind-the-scenes footage. Videos are much more likely to be shared by consumers on social media, meaning you gain both a wider audience and activate brand ambassadors.

Tell your story with a videoWhere to Start?

As you consider the challenges that face your business or organization in the year ahead, think about how video could help accomplish your goals. Even when you’re addressing a specific goal, keep the big picture in mind to give the production added versatility. For instance, if your goal is to attract employees in the new year, plan and shoot with an eye toward showcasing company culture. The resulting footage can be repurposed for social media and internal team building.

At Kinetic, we get excited when clients bring us ideas to produce videos — it gets our creative juices flowing and we immediately begin brainstorming on how to get the most out of the shoot in support of the brand. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients, helping them launch brands, produce testimonial videos for credibility, create animated product launches and film talking heads to promote company culture.

Here are just a few examples of the ways our clients have used the power of video to bolster their brand and business.

Building Trust, Credibility

Based in picturesque Sheridan, Wyoming, Frontier Asset Management is far from “Wall Street” in every way. For more than 20 years, this forward-thinking financial asset management firm has helped clients re-envision investment possibilities through innovative, customized strategies. Managing the finances of or retirement prospects for an individual or family has real-life consequences. Frontier had a story that needed telling. 

Our team was able to strategize, plan, scout ideal locations and schedule and capture numerous high-impact interviews with leadership in a single venture. Kinetic was then able to edit the footage in a way that created multiple unique videos to expand Frontier’s ability to reach more people, with more personal, evocative messaging. The videos have brought a rich medium to the Frontier website, establishing a deeper sense of credibility that generated a surge in new business leads.

Launching New Products / Educating Customers

Terzo Power Systems was founded to push the technology envelope in the fluid power industry and bring a new level of simple, compact and energy efficient technology to the market. Their state-of-the-art hydraulic, testing and validating facility is based in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California.

The centerpiece of Terzo’s technology is the Hydrapulse®, a complete electro-hydraulic system with built-in intelligence. The company needed a video both to launch the largest Hydrapulse to date (the F3) and to educate consumers about the entire product line. The F3 video that Kinetic produced became the key focus of an omni-channel marketing campaign that positioned the company as a thought leader.

Community Outreach

MetraPark, a historic music and entertainment venue in Billings, Montana, engaged Kinetic to assist in video development and creation to support the public engagement and master planning process they embarked upon in 2021.

Kinetic produced three videos for them. The first focused on the history of MetraPark and the people involved in bringing it to Billings and making it a “thing.” The second video emphasized the role MetraPark plays in the community and people’s personal connections with it. And the third video focused on the economic impact of MetraPark.

Building Corporate Culture

Video content can be particularly effective as an internal communications tool. Often, culture videos work well to build common purpose internally and as a recruitment tool for prospective employees.

Logixboard is a modern customer experience platform for forwarders and customs brokers that quickly and easily integrates with leading logistics software. From real-time visibility to sales enablement, Logixboard arms its clients with the software and services to deliver a remarkable digital customer experience and compete against digital-first forwarders and large multinationals.

The company came to Kinetic with a unique need. How could they create a sense of company culture when the majority of employees work remotely? The company has team members in 22 states and three countries. In producing a culture video for Logixboard, Kinetic focused on a company retreat in Mexico where many employees met for the first time. The video adopts a lighthearted tone and creates a serious sense of FOMO as it focuses on a variety of team building activities at the retreat including urban gaming, boat rides and a volunteer day.

Good ROIBring Your Brand Into Focus

It turns out, a lot of people rely on videos to learn more about various products and services. 96% of people, in fact! That’s a good reason for brands to get on board with video marketing so they can have content ready and waiting should potential customers search for what they’re offering.

We offer award-winning, full-service video production from concept to presentation from an experienced team that understands the power of the medium. Kinetic knows how to use video to deliver the perfect message to your target audience. It is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your business or communicate important information to the market.

You can’t just say “award-winning” without backing that up… two of the videos above received Association of Marketing and Communication (AMCP) Professionals “Viddy” awards. AMCP is the industry’s preeminent third-party evaluator of creative work and has judged over 300,000 entries since its formation in 1994. Kinetic’s most recent video awards include a Platinum for “Welcome to Logixboard” (“Recruitment” category) and a Gold for “The Hydrapulse F3 by Terzo” (“Technology” category).

Let Kinetic produce your next video project! Contact us today!

Rob Seas

Content Strategist/Copywriter

It all began with a father-son fly-fishing trip at 16 years old, and Rob was hooked on Montana. Growing up in Annapolis, Maryland, it took a little while for him to make his way here for good. But in the meantime, he graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Magazine Journalism, held a variety of editorial positions across the country and worked as a freelance web developer for companies large and small, ranging from startups to international corporations like Visa, The Nature Conservancy, and Levi Strauss & Co.

He still loves to fish – and hunt, work magic in the kitchen… and he’s an artist. All of this experience, worldliness and creativity means that Rob is an incredible Kinetic talent and invaluable asset to the team and our clients.

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